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2011. április 11., hétfő


Hétfő  ÉS  szuverenitás

Our sovereignty 
Hungary in the history was often blood-stormy centuries whose during  tumbled under foreign rule and densely threatened the independence of danger. But always were some politicians who are desperately tried to defend the country's independence -- here is an example: "... there is no reporting obligation with anyone opposite  the government of any country, any international organization because of the Hungarian People's Republic of sovereign countries... " said János Kádár, when U Thant UN Secretary-General's visits to Hungary in 1963.
[szöveg - U Tanth - Kádár]



Kádár here -- returning to the UN General Meeting -- tells us that was sitting a nice spacious courtroom, where only debated of equal conditions for world peace instead of  being discussed about would the imperialists bravely lay down their all weapons, because communism is gentle like the lamb is a born today. (Thats also in the general meeting Khrushchev to prove a hundred -- and a fifty -- megaton nuclear bombs. In the words of are reluctant to throw them onto the close neighbors either.)

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