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2011. január 18., kedd


És igen, Hitler teherben...

Nazi Arty 
13. 01. 11. - 16:00

Oddball artist Ronald Manullang has painted Adolf Hitler as the Virgin Mary to punish him beyond the grave for his horrific war crimes.

The Indonesian painter created a series of bizarre images of Nazi Germany's leader that are meant to torture Hitler like he tortured his victims.

One shows him with a Jewish death camp tattoo on his wrist while others show him pregnant and semi-naked and then cradling the baby Jesus on his lap.

Others show him pregnant and as a women exposing her boobs.

"This is a terrifying, powerful man who has to breastfeed, sing lullabies and caress a baby who he really hates. This is a fitting punishment for his past sins," said Ronald of his series of paintings, titled Final Judgement

"Hitler committed a lot of sins. He killed many people but he was never punished. The main point of my art is to punish him," he added.

Austrian Times



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